JHU Press Catalog

I'm so excited I finally get to share this with you all!

I had the honor of being asked to do the cover and interior art for the 2016 Johns Hopkins University Press Scholarly Journals Subscription catalog, and it came out looking INCREDIBLE! Working alongside the talented Keli Strickland, she developed characters for each of the groups whose hard work goes in to putting together the journals year after year. My part was to come up with some superhero-esque personifications of each group and blend them with Keli's ideas.

Designing the different poses, outfits, and environments they flew around in was a blast. My biggest challenge was getting the cityscape of Baltimore (because I always DREAD cityscapes) to look seamless with the characters, while also being engaging and not looking like it was a struggle!

Swapping ideas with Keli (herself a comic book/superhero fan) was so much fun and I loved the idea of getting to bring a comicky project out to the academic world.

Not to mention to see THIS! My artwork, blown up all huge and pretty like!!

Here are the rest of the pages. And did you NOTICE that shiny foil treatment on the cover?? MAGIC that Keli worked really hard with the printers to get it looking spectacular!

Thanks so much, JHU Press!