Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #505

*GASP* Slam's real name IS REVEALED! As many of you know, in derby people have their own individual Derby Names, which many of their friends within derby refer to them by. AND very seldom discover their real names, leading to a fun secret identity that only derby-ers know about. When people ask me if I know so-and-so because she used to skate for Charm City, the league I skated for, it's nearly impossible for me to remember unless they know their derby name. Fun Fact! Derby Mafia for life! 

Will we ever discover Bonnie and Mimi's real names??

P.S. I had a fantastic time at Thought Bubble and then a great time in Dublin. It was really hard coming back, but some of you have sent me kind words of love and hope and I really, really appreciate it. <3