Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #471


Okay the time has come - this weekend I will be attempting to rehaul my site and hopefully won't break it TOO much - so there might be downtimes, but you can always find Bonnie on my Tumblr in the meantime! I'm super excited about having a new website that's easier to use and navigate. Wish me luck, this dinosaur of a site is gonna need it!


Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #374

For some reason, Bonnie and Slam only have meaningful convo's in dark parking lots like here and here, right? I'm posting THREE Bonnie's this week because I love all of youuuuu! Also, BTW's, the Kickstarter I'm doing for a collected mondo happy fun Bonnie book is a mere couple of weeks away! (July 22nd, AAAAAHHH) So I will be doing a lot of mentioning of it and sweating about it and being SUPER excited to have a giant Bonnie book and sharing it with all of you! Hope you'll join me for the Kickstarter ride! :D:D:D

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #356

Ba-BAM! And sorry for the delay folks MY BACK and MY NECK hate me again at the moment due to an irresponsible setup at my day job desk so things might be loosey goosey around here but rest assured Bonnie will still update! ... At some points!

And hey guess what - TCAF IS THIS WEEKEND! For those of you Canadian inclined readers, I will be there! Come see me all weekend at the Toronto Public Library (aka magical magical place) and I think for the first time I won't need to wear a coat because it won't be snowing!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #353

Cheryl's the only one with an immunity to Bonnie's charm. . . . SO FAR

HEY WOO PARTY YAY TIME my Patreon page has reached TWO milestone goals now! That means one extra autobio comic from me PER MONTH and now a colored comic strip! Click here to check out the April comic and get excited for a colored Bonnie strip next month! :D

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #345

Cheryl has a love-hate relationship where she hates everyone but wants them to love her. That's it, I'm off to ECCC this weekend! Here's where you can find me:

Oh, yeah and in case you missed it --


My first fully me book Part-Time Princesses is out from Oni Press TODAY! Find it at your local comic shop, get it from me at ECCC this weekend, or get it on Amazon!