Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #501

Fran has the BEST conversations with herself in bathrooms.

Soooo, since the gift-giving season is almost upon us. I'm going to open up slots for watercolor couple portrait commissions from now until December 10th (in theory to give me enough time to have them done/shippable before the holidays). The portraits are of whatever couple combo you want -  human + human, animal + human, animal + animal! But just two creatures per portrait. 

Here's an example of what they'll look like - featuring me and my monster ginger kitty!

They'll all be original watercolors, 8" x 8" square, $65. I'm going to limit them to 30 slots for now, and I'll open more if I'm feeling confident I can get more done!

To get on the list, send me an email ( with pictures/names of the couple you choose!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #338

. . . I've been watching a lot of Flight of the Conchords again recently. ALSO, I know it's Wednesday and I'm only supposed to update this comic Tuesdays and Thursdays, but what can I say - when I feel like posting THREE strips a week, I'll just g'ahead and do it! ;)

HEYYY those of you who live near Austin and will be at Staple this weekend! Even though my town is predicted to get a foot of snow the day before (exciting/horrible, yes?) I plan on being there! Come visit me and give me a hello!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #292


Bonnie's got all the powers of INSTANT SMIT. You can't meet her and not be smitten.


The Patreon video survey EEZ CLOSED! Here are the results:

#1 - Me on skates #2 - My cat Ginger Monster #3 - Fill-in suggestions: Me on skates WITH Ginger Monster, my workspace!

For those who don't know what survey I'm talking about - I'm filming a video for my Patreon page this weekend, and I was taking a poll to see what people wanted to see. LUCKILY (I love you guys) they did not vote for "Monica without lipstick". Dodged that bullet.

If you're unfamiliar with Patreon, it's basically a super cool way to directly support an artist whose stuff you dig (here's the page with all the info!). You can contribute monthly amounts that help me keep this comic party going, as well as gives you guys a peek into my process, videos, the latest prints and books I've got, original art - all sorts of fun stuff!

I've actually been meaning to do this for a while, but kept holding off on the video part. I've got it storyboarded and ready to go, but I thought it might be fun to get a little community involvement from you guys from the get-go - because that's the main reason I wanted to do Patreon. To create more interaction betwixt you and me! (and, of course, MORE COMICS)

Click here to check out my Patreon Activity Feed, which I started filling up this week with goodies for patron and non-patrons to see! Thanks everyone! STAY TUNED, this is gonna be awesome!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #274


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Bonnie N. Collide, savior of derby egos everywhere!

(Also, I'd say if you're even attempting to skate backwards and not falling on your ass, you're doing it successfully.)

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #269


Aaaaand we're back!

Bonnie's back in the past, and I'm back from the west coast! Visiting Portland was wonderful and Olympia/Lacey for the day was AMAZING, but alas now I have to come back home. It's funny that my back was a problem flying out there - I decided to deal with it by getting an amazing massage (the masseuse STOOD ON ME), staying upright and walking around for an entire day ... then promptly injured my knee. AND got allergies! Agh, Portland your love is so hard.

I'll be all healthy and less complain-y here soon, I promise.

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #268


Past Bonnie is my spirit animal.

HEY WEST COASTERS! Wanna come see me and get some Bonnie stuff?? I have TWO signings coming up this weekend - Saturday in Portland and Sunday in Seattle!

I can’t wait – I may never leave. Come visit!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #266


I remember my mom's reaction when I said we should Face-Time - "What, so you can call me and see my face whenever you want to? Don't you DARE!"

HEYOOOO I've added some more Bonnie original art to my shop - check 'em out and see how many mistakes I make! (Also, if there's a particular strip you'd like to see in my shop, lemme know! If I haven't sold it already I'll get it up there right quick)

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #242


Not trying to get TOO emo with Fran here, but when you work really hard to be part of something as awesome as derby, sometimes watching your friends and peers get through the goal hoops before you do can be a bit heartbreaking. A lot of people focus on all the glitz and glamour of derby, which is totally cool, but it also requires a lot of difficult work at something you may or may not be good at! The point is (it was for me at least) that as fun and exciting as it is you still really EARN your spot on a league and on a team!

Anyway, that's just my little derby PSA for the day. ;)