Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #501

Fran has the BEST conversations with herself in bathrooms.

Soooo, since the gift-giving season is almost upon us. I'm going to open up slots for watercolor couple portrait commissions from now until December 10th (in theory to give me enough time to have them done/shippable before the holidays). The portraits are of whatever couple combo you want -  human + human, animal + human, animal + animal! But just two creatures per portrait. 

Here's an example of what they'll look like - featuring me and my monster ginger kitty!

They'll all be original watercolors, 8" x 8" square, $65. I'm going to limit them to 30 slots for now, and I'll open more if I'm feeling confident I can get more done!

To get on the list, send me an email ( with pictures/names of the couple you choose!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #496

Ohhh those anti-social Sirens! All derby and no play makes ... derby ... uh.

Check out the blog for my latest October news oh yeah and NEW YORK COMIC CON this week! I'll be rolling into town Thursday for the 4-day shebang, and you can find me at Table P-12 in Artist Alley, right next to my good ol' pal Tim Fish! We'll have smiles and prints and comics galore for you all!

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five #453

THE DREADED TALE IS REVEALED. WOO new double-strip! This is the first time I've attempted it, it's pretty fun! And in other comics news, I posted a little autobio strip on going through tough times yesterday you can check out here!


Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five


Time for the third team! Say hello to The SNEERING SIRENS!

The Sneering Sirens are all about being clever and tricksy. They don't appreciate flash and glamour and superficial tactics to outwit their opponents. They're on the edge, riding the line, and they KNOW you'll never see them coming! Capt. Amy Hazeballs is the beloved wife of the Hammerin' Harpies's Hattie Hellfire, and Tyrion Sinister is head of the coaches team. The rest are all readers!

Congrats to all the teammates! (i.e. those lovely skaters who wrote in to tell me their derby stories)

  • Gorshach
  • Scald Eagle
  • I.M. Pain
  • Missyle Elliott
  • Doris Day of Reckoning

(Confession: I.M. Pain and Doris are both from my swell home league of the Charm City Roller Girls, and it was purely by accident they wound up on the same team, haha!) Go Sirens! One more team for tomorrow!

Oh, and just a reminder - these represent your little Bonnie comic cartoon self versions - don't worry (and hopefully don't be offended!) if they don't exxxaaaactly look like the REAL you. ;)

(For those of you who might be confused, I put a call out for any derby skaters out there to be a part of the comic - all it took was submitting their name/attitude/photo. I took all the submissions and found them a spot on one of Bonnie's league's home teams. These are the results! :) )

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five



This week I'll be showcasing some of YOU, dear readers, as being drafted to one of each of the teams in Bonnie's league! Here are the teams as they stand now (pretty bare, eh?), with the characters you've already met. On Thursday, they'll be full of all of you who wrote in to tell me about yourself!

Yes, all the team names are Greek Mythology names. Because I'm that kind of nerd. And please excuse the pencil-sketchiness for now, while I draw everything in! ;)